Christmas, nearly finished SPIDER, and MORE PENGUIN

As I was uploading photos to make a perfectly mundane penguin-less blog post, Ziggy ran into the high bay proclaiming the arrival of an adelie at LDB. Of course, all work immediately stopped, and we ran outside to meet him. This blog post can’t be chronological now, because penguins must come before all else. Meet Uncle John the penguin!

Edit: now with video!

This past week, we’ve seen a lot of snow and wind, so there have been no opportunities for balloon launching and few opportunities to get SPIDER outside. Going outside is necessary so we can calibrate our absolute pointing sensors and make sure that our solar panels and antenna communications work. It’s just about all we have left to do, and hopefully will happen today!

In the mean time, we’ve gone out on our front porch a couple of times, and wrapped everything up to be sun-proof.

This week we also got a Christmas party with several Santas and a fantastic Christmas feast. We also did a little decorating ourselves to make the high bay more festive.

We’re feeling very good with where our experiment stands now, and are just hoping that the weather cooperates and allows us to launch very soon. We are all tired from a long season and some hard days of work, but very proud of the experiment we’ve put together, and very excited for it to get up there and do some great science. Here’s hoping for a launch early this week!

And of course, to end, here are some scenic photos from a run I took recently up Arrival Heights.


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